About Us


I am Happy, Healthy, & Wise. I am Nzuri Vibes. 

Nzuri Vibes Studio igniting womens divine feminine energy thru yoni steaming, organic beauty products, and flowing exercises. "The Divine Feminine Energy exudes thru me and now draws to me my heart's true desires".

Reminding ladies that self-care isn't selfish, it's a necessity. We offer a unique approach to self care and empowerment for women. By tapping into the power of natural practices like Yoni steaming, flowing exercises and using organic, natural beauty products,  allows a personal and deeper connection with themselves. 

Habibah Kileyo, the studios founder creates her own organic beauty products to enhance your self care experience. 

Stress is stagnant energy and is a silent killer. Through these easy to do self care practices, women can release stagnant energy that's stored in the sacral area, refill their internal cups of self love, intentional care and confidence. 

Nzuri Vibes Studio is dedicated to helping women reclaim their power, ignite their sexiness and increase their confidence. Allowing women to become reconnected with their true selves and exude with fragrance of Peace and Harmony.